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Successful Farming-Brasil Goes Live



Because the farm markets move on news from Brazil and all of South America, I thought I would inform you that our Successful Farming-Brasil website is now live. You can view the website in English by using Chrome. It will translate the Portugues into English for you.


The brand new site is:


Here's just one example of the news from the site. Tell us what you think about it. You can follow the Brazilian ag news easier at


A violent storm of hail on 7 November in the municipality of Campo Verde (MT), caused injury to soybean producers. The delegate of the Association of Soy Producers of Mato Grosso and corn (Aprosoja), Fernando Ferri had lost 120 hectares of soy in Farm Sunset.


The estimated loss by the producer, who will replant, is little more than R $ 40 thousand."Unfortunately, it is the first time that there was such a wanton with a hailstorm in the region. I at least had never been affected, "he says.


The total area of ​​Ferri is 1235 hectares. According to the producer in two other neighboring properties replanting will be 24 and 80 hectares, respectively.



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Re: Successful Farming-Brasil Goes Live

What does elcheapo translate into ?
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