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Sunday trade opens

corn looks 3 to 4 cents DOWN

beans looks 1 cent DOWN

Chicago wheat UP 1

KC wheat UP 3.5


folks.....some questions need to be asked.


the reports i'm reading on the corn is not good, a lot of people asking how do you handle replants, tells me here is a problem.

iowa mesonet shows cold soil temps, other places fields under have all of that BULLISH news, plus a delayed

corn plant, and what about the increased input of chem and fert...cost of production just went up.


beans.......really no impact yet, other than some might be switched to beans.......never mind that we almost doubled our exports last week.


wheat....maybe someone finally woke up........or decided to do something just to shut me up.....curious note, CME website stated that

KCHRW set a record trade on april 25 with the number of contracts.........some of you smarter ones on here help me......I take it to mean

"position" or a futures contract....which I can't see (at this point) how it would help us determine direction, other than a bunch more

in the would be equal, the number of buyers and if it was options, we could get an idea.


this aint fun anymore............ive always been told, when it isn't fun, you need to quit what your doing.


 update:  april 25 record kchrw volume  99,805 contracts


*****my quote system wasn't working, it just kicked in, corn and wheat higher

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Re: Sunday trade opens

When does trade start tonight? Thanks

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Re: Sunday trade opens

7 pm central
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BA Deere
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Re: Sunday trade opens

Well the farmer and the grain trader are in a game of chicken like Kevin Bacon in Footloose...the winner will be the one whose shoelaces are caught in the brakes so they can`t jump off   Smiley Happy

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Re: Sunday trade opens

never was a contest, jd vs a massey ??



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