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Surprising Yields this year for some

Northeast Indiana, Silage corn coming off, insurance adjuster figured it up at 180 bpa. Same corn last year went 240 bpa. What potential we had.

Looked so much better from the road. I really think guys are going to be surprised this year. We needed a bit more rain and little less heat. Could be worse, but a tick below average. 

Hope you all have a Happy Labor Day and safe harvest!

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Re: Surprising Yields this year for some

Here in SE South Dakota we may be surprised a bit to the upside. Granted, that's up from very low expectations...

No rain in June, about 2" the week of July 4th, then another 1.75" on August 15. Nothing since and nothing in the 10-day. Still, this is probably 120bpa corn, depending on test weight. Chicken - what was your population?  27,000 dryland here.

Small ear is 107 day that isn't holding up too well. tipped back ears are 108 day golden harvest that are hanging in there surprisingly well. 18 rows x ~32 kernels per row.

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Re: Surprising Yields this year for some

36,000 this year on dryland. Last year was 34,600.

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