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Not good at all when you get a lower low in an uptrending market.  Like I stated when I called the high on the exact day and tick, this is just another page in the story beans are telling.  The story is to sell rallies.  The downside could be more then the last correction we saw after the harmonic high in January.  

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Re: Sx21

A little correction doesn’t mean the high is in for the year. This correction is healthy for the market. 

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Re: Sx21

But I think it will require a production story.

Given the season, one will likely present whether it turns out to be real or not.

But the question is when, and from where.

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Re: Sx21

No the question is did you sell actual production?  It aint marketing unless you did.

Beans are so strong they have yet to define their range in this trend....

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