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Synopsis of Beaulieu`s Land Expo presentation

Terrific recap by Dave Kurns.   Economist Alan Beaulieu  who`s predictions are over 94% accurate says inflation will cool by the 2nd half of 2022, interest rates will go up but no big deal.  Farmland prices will stay good (of course they will)   🙂  

He sees 2026 as when if you have a business "sell it to someone you don`t like"   🙂   but farming`ll be good.   Beaulieu says get rid of Basset hounds (stuff that doesn`t make money) ... I got rid of cattle, maybe should get rida hogs, that truckdrivin` is a steady,  good check.   In a couple years I want to quit truck driving and while I still can get up on the roof put some high priced steel shingles on, that way when my Wife and i are in our 80`s we don`t have to worry about the roof.

Then he says "listen to the millennials", i`m too damned old to be going millions in debt putting up hog barns  🙂   

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