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Haven't been allowed to post the last week, one messed up.system here on


Went on a 3000ish mile crop tour.


98% great crop out there.


Went I 90 west to Buffalo, Wy then wound our way to Idaho Falls, Idaho, watched Chinook helicopters along with two other types of helicopters fight a forest fire right in front of us a quarter mile away dip water out of the river along the road and dump it on a Raging fire just another quarter mile behind that. Saw a tanker plane up the road a few miles farther up the road dip water out of a long skinny lake on the fly. This was about the Wyoming, Idaho border area.


Smoke everywhere out west.


The valleys with any kind of decent soil are filled with irrigation. Was very surprised at how much hand moved sprinkler pipe is still used. Low tech, low cost, effective.


Idaho has found a use for some of their over staffed USDA personnel. They have gone out along the hiways and put up nice signs labeling what is growing in the field next to the road. Garbanzo beans, Austrian winter peas, white soft spring wheat, red spring wheat, were just some of them. Potatoes, sugar beats most everywhere. 


If Idaho wasn't covered with mountains and volcanic rubble it would rival the three "I" states east of it. Very good thing for us that they don't concentrate on raising corn. 


Got into the eastern 100 miles or so of Washington and Oregon, middle of wheat harvest there, most large elevators we saw were working on at least three piles of wheat on the ground at the same time, had to assume that was because most areas grow at least that many different types of wheat.


Returned on the I 84 to I 80 to home route, three miles of hail damage at the Wy. Neb. Border. Was all the hail out there (still time to fix that), has to be a record small amount for this time of year along that route.


green, green, green, the whole length of Nebraska, only maybe 50% of the center pivots running, more in corn than in the bean fields. Very constant the length of the state at 50%. Usually this time of year the grass out in the west half is browned out, not this year. 


Ohio and on east can have a total failure, don't think it'll make up for what is coming in the west. Saw quite a few unit trains of hopper cars on the move. 


On a side note, watched thrill seekers jump off the bridge at Twin Falls, Idaho and parachute to the shore of the Snake river below. 


Hiked up to a fire watch tower on a mountain top by Riggins, Idaho and rounded a large rock and cluster of brushy trees and found some fancy dressed people straddling the path, two of them facing a tattooed woman holding a book, holding hands, and a half dozen others watching and taking photos. We stopped and were there just in time to hear them pronounced married. 


Just amazing how much water is out there and how desolate and dry most of the acres are. We went from the head waters of the Salmon river to almost it's end and it is really amazing how fast it becomes a big river.


The retired guy in the fire watch tower said that 10 days before we got there, there had been an 8 inch snow fall there. Kind of explained why there were still water falls way up high on the mountain. 18 1/2 miles up there, mostly a washboard, pot holed kind of one lane road going both ways. Just a quarter mile hike at 8400 feet to finish it off.  Vista's of four states and the Snake river canyon complex, wild flowers in full "spring" bloom, beautiful place for a open air wedding chapel.


Good looking wheat everywhere, and a large corn crop well on its way...












Hard to post a few picts when I can't get my cell phone back on line on this site...




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At an elevation of roughly 4700 feet Idaho Falls may not be prime corn country.

We saw a fair amount of corn west of Twin Falls and south of Jerome.  Alot of dairy in that area.

About 1000 feet lower around there.


I liked the onion fields.  Was close to harvest time for them and the aroma was SWEET!!



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Sounds like you went right by me, although I was probably up in the Canadian Rockies for one of the great hikes of my life! And I've been up on the Salmon for various activities including the mairrages of a number of friends. One wedding featured mountain sheep on a hillside watching the proceedings. Got up to the site by jet boat and stayed a few nights to celebrate. The bride researched and dealt w grizzlies at close quarters.


Camp in Canada in the morning.Floe Lake 16.jpg

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Saw quite  a bit of corn...really good corn, also saw most machinery dealers had the big /huge silage choppers too. But there were were a few corn heads too.


Saw and smelled the onion fields too, they were white and about two inches in dia. Sweet corn too. Other fields of things we had no clue, also some fruit. 


Yes there were "milky way" double tanker milk semis in a abundance. Lots of bee hives also.


Seemed to be the land of milk and honey...;) literally

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