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Tid bit(s) hmmm where to start?


Fall has arrived with cooler temps.


Foot deep wet snow in parts of the Canadian unharvested grain belt.


Stalk quality of corn in this area is generally poor.


Beans appear to be generally above average. Very few run yet, this coming week will see them getting harvested.





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Somebody knows where the combine is stored.Smiley Wink

Shared this pic with Hobby and sw Thursday evening after the storm.

Dumped 3" out of the gauge with 2" of it coming in less than 30 minutes.

Sister and I were working on a tractor in the shed when a very loud rumble passed overhead.

It touched down west of Faribault shortly after.

Gonna be a while before we can do anything in the field.

Wind and heavy rain snapped of some corn stalks above the ears and laid over some beans.

Sun and strong south wind helped the beans stand back up a bit today.


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That's a beautiful sight to behold. Sure beats the concrete jungles of the cities. 


Do you have indoor toilets ?

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