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Getting really tired of the pop up video ad that has to  e x'd out to continue .


Went to the Nebraska power farm show.

Really nice selection of exhibitors.

Some fairly busy, others with plenty to time to count spiders on the walls.


The hands down winning booth was Bomgaar' s DeWalt booth.  After lunch

two lines fifty feet long with people loaded down with Cordless everything's.

Many needing their hand cart services to leave the building.


I left with a new 3 section telescope for my seed tender

Two more Milwwaukee locking pliers (way better than vice grips) some

outfit had them for eight ish$ apiece. I've had two for a couple of years and

really like them.

And four new semi trailer tires. (One axle gets new [needs them badly] set.

The wd40 booth was handing out little cans of their products, I like keeping

them in the pu door pocket.

The parking lots were full by 10:30 

Saw quite a few under 35 year olds there , was kind of nice to see that.


Nice show, free parking and free admission.

Same outfit puts on the Iowa power farming show and u feel fleeced by the

time you see the first exhibit.


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There`s talk from the "whine cellar" about rise in farm bankruptcies, however go to a farm machinery auction and a lot of bidding a high prices, higher than when it was new in some cases.   Farmland hasn`t tumbled like a "farm crisis with a aging population" .   And pattern tiling, good Lord how much more tile on 50 foot centers can be laid???  


AMES, Iowa -- Iowa farm land is worth more this year.

Iowa State University's annual survey shows a acre of farm land in 2019 is has an average value of $7,432--a 2.3 percent increase, or $168 from 2018.

While there is an increase, ISU's Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) show it's just barely over the cost of inflation.

CARD's numbers show 82 of Iowa's 99 counties reported higher land values. Scott and Decatur counties reported the highest and lowest values, respectively.

CARD also says farmers this year were challenged by a wet crop growing season and pressures from the ongoing trade war between the U.S.and China.

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This is off-topic but:

Heard this about Iowa the other day and thought, "no way," but apparently it's true.

Iowans receive the most speeding tickets in the nation.  So either Iowa's motto should be changed to the "Leadfoot State"(j/k Smiley LOL) OR all that ticket money is seriously funding somebody or something and should be looked into. Smiley Frustrated

"1. Iowa

  • Percentage of Drivers Reporting Speeding Violations: 23.2%
  • State Rural Interstate Speed Limit: 70
  • Number of full-time sworn officers in the state: 5,231 (1.70 officers per 1,000 residents)

Despite the fact that it has the lowest per-capita number of police officers on the list, Iowa ranked first in speeding tickets. What’s more, those tickets can get expensive – the state adds a 35% surcharge to nearly all enforcement-related fines, including speeding violations. Throw in court costs as well, and your $40 fine for doing 10 MPH over the limit will turn into a $114 charge."

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