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One un named seed company in a article I read this evening said that 13 million acres of corn was planted in Iowa this year. If it’s true and if it’s true that 10 million got hit plus the damage in the other states this could be a game changer for the prices we receive for this crop. 

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I haven`t been south of highway 20  post-derecho.  If you figure 10 million acres affected, half corn and the corn yielding from zero to 200 bushel if picked 1 mph in one direction with a reel.  So average a 100 bushel per acre hit on 5 million acres, it potentially could be 1/2 billion bushel cut in production.  

It shows how you don`t count your chickens.  Those in the bullseye I am very sorry for what you`re going through.

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The "breeze" we had cut the corn crop.

The damage to infrastructure  will turn out to be a much bigger number.

The drought index/map area grew significantly this week too.

Millions of acres of flat podded Beans need  a drink to get over the finish line with any kind of respectable yield.

Could get a lot of two seeds per pod and or 3600 or more seeds per #. 

Iowa could conceivably slip to #2 in corn and bean production this year. Not because some other state is so good, simply because of a late season one two punch from 'ol Ma Nature.

Some sell it before you grow it producers are in for some higher education credits...?