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I'll try to get to you before the robots do..........."why on earth would you reward them for massive failure".

The side that lost this election needs to drag its tail home and feel like they were gang raped........ because they were.

All it took to change the vote was an injection of fear.  The press was totally diverted the last couple of years and all the conservative voices in congress had to do was drive the stake and they totally got "shazzaammed"

Just a little fear and whatever the masked robbers wanted they could have.

If you have stacks of $50's or serious old money or  a semi load of bit coins....... keep it you may need to melt it down like the patriots did or just have it sitting there so you can pretend you can buy something someday when the Robot ups truck comes by with its little bell to sell you what it has left---- probably a popsicle.   You sure can't buy ammo.   🙂

Seriously let it go....... the circus won't leave town as long as we keep donating.  It is way past time we payed for performance instead of window dressing.......... Is it possible to have as many felons on the payroll and never see a charge pressed 

And do not believing them......." you cannot have enough extended warranty on your 20 year old truck."  no matter where the call comes from.   By mid summer I figure they will be selling those extended warranties from the wifes cell phone direct to yours.  🙂   Or my other favorite the loan pushing text messages by the mirage banks on the horizon.  

And please do not give them anything that might make anyone think you can afford to give to them.  We won't know which ditch they rolled you into or which PAC took you out.  (they been printing their own paychecks for decades now.) Give them a hot check from your "foundation",   we are beyond sad when it comes to ethical activity-- anything like that has to be denied.

Feedlots   no their in the good........ the ruling class needs their marbled steaks and $50 a plate trimmings while their working on the next stimulus bill.  They'll shed the masks for that ........ for the good of the country.

BA Deere
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Why are taxpayers bailing out burned out cities?  During the George Floyd fiasco THEY ordered the cops to "stand down" drug their feet on the national guard and flatly refused federal riot control assistance.  There`s "facial recognition" as to who the perpetrators are, send the $2 Billion bill to BLM and make them do community service work cleaning up their own mess.  The Bible says the injured should be repaid 5 times the amount of damage that was done.  With taxpayers quietly picking up the damage, no lessons were learned. 

The Viking dude at the Capitol riot probably would`ve thought twice if he knew he`d have the expense of the broken windows coming out of his pocket 5 times original cost.  There are "builders" and there are "destroyers" seems these days destroyers get their way. I don`t even enjoy a demolition derby at a fair, because of the half the cars on the field were in better shape than what I have to drive home in.  Sad, youbetcha. 

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I'm  currently  brain  storming ,  how  to  convert , idle ,   coal  hopper  rail  cars ,  into   container  shipment  - double  stacks ,  as  one  mans  junk - becomes  another  mans trea$ure  - - -

Checking  on  P P E  funding  - maybe ? 

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