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This has been going on all week.

The" perfect storm" so to speak.

Just in time delivery works till it doesn't

The wind turbines went down with ice and snow stuck to them.

The natural gas generation system went down because it iced up and reduced flow or stoped it.

The natural gas generation stations have no or very little on site storage. No reserves for a few day slow down or interruption of flow.   Do you farm with a daily delivery of fuel or do you have storage for a week or more? 

Coal plants, the few that are left generally have a small mountain of supply on hand. Doesn't matter if one train is slow getting there for a day or two.

All the while every population center has been growing and adding more use points. What could possibly go wrong?


This small hiccup in fuel supply and use could be transferred to food and medicine too.

The majority of the pills most people depend on are now made in one place...China.  can you ever see that as a problem.

  A), politically

B) length of supply chain.

C) their reputation as quality


Now on to food. I don't  care what it is, it all starts at the Farm level. 

China realizes this and tries to keep a buffer of supplies. 

Feedlots down in our own SW' s area know the cattle need to eat everyday and have in the past kept months of supply on hand.

The majority of families in this county do not have more than two or three days food on hand.

This Texas thing is no different than the little wind in Iowa last summer. With one notable exception. This could have been prevented. This is not the first time it has been cold in Texas.

Maybe the bill for this needs to be sent to Al Gore, Obama, Biden, and all the rest of the global warming nitwits.  50% or more needs to be placed on all the steeple that have bought into that hoax.


Just in time delivery... what could ever go wrong. Especially one that isn't weatherized...

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I just saw a Ryder commercial promoting their just in time delivery system. It seems like their phone should be ringing off the hook.

Theres no doubt that companies need more warehouse space for the supplies that they need to keep producing. Maybe they need to take back the bonuses that they paid to the college educated employees that told them that they could boost their bottom lines if they used just in time deliveries.

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Texas  Senator  on  a  weather  junket  to  Cancun  in  Caribbean ,  just  in  time  move  -  and  as  I  previously stated , coal  fired  generation  industry,  had  to  spend  a  few  $$$$  more  on  the  exhaust  stacks ,  called  scrubbing , available decades  ago , although  not  a  word  about  that from  budget  cutting  expert'$  -  -  -

When  this  settles  out,  unfortunately , the  screaming  of  right  or  left ,  will accomplish  what  to  erase   the  price  gouging  history  of  the  petroleum  industry while  Nat  Gas  removes  it's   recent  performance  stumble   -  -  -

Will  E -85  resolve  some  of  this  chaos  -   or  do  we  look  to  China  for  clarity -   OR                                                                  2017-  2019  Energy  Sec.  Rick  Perry,   former Lone  Star  Governor   -  ?     


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Sounds like you Boys down your way are having a bit of a hard time with this cold weather. Must be kinda disconcerting to find out rather unceremoniously how unprepared y'all actually are with that conservative, self sufficient, we got er under control government you all swear by. Cold weather is no big deal unless it sticks around for a few million years and then you really got something to blame them Liberals fer. I hope you folks  figure out how antifreeze and  competent preparation work for in the future when one of these nasty things comes around again, because I really feel sorry for those cows that are depending on you.

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Hi Hobby- I agree with everything that you said except...The part about the bill being sent to Gore, Biden, etc... They're the ones that have been talking/ warning us about climate change. Do you not believe that these weather changes are becoming more severe recently? I'm thinking cold, hurricanes, wildfires, big chunks of glaciers falling into the ocean, etc...

Now don't get me wrong, some call the hoax "global warming" and you're freezing right now (BTW it was -19 here at 7:00 am yesterday- damn cold here too, but it should be cold in Michigan in February). As of now very little of what those folks are promoting has been put into effect. 

Please just give it some thought (maybe while you cut up another mesquite for the bonfire), but I believe those Democrats you are chastising may actually have our best interests in mind. 

Just my two cents (sense) worth. PM

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Re: the wind turbine operators of ....

The wind turbine operators of Norway and Findland are wondering what the fuss is about, their turbines work just fine in the extreme cold.  The electricity generators here in New York are wondering what all the fuss is all about.  The natural gas  units always maintain fuel oil reserves just for pipeline pressure declines.  The older coal-fired plants weren't decommissioned but rather converted to backup in case the nuclear plants go offline, they always keep a little steam up just in case.  They recently installed new transmission lines from our old (refurbished) coal plant just to be more ready.

  The cost of this backup is figured into the rates.  The question is, is the cost of all this backup worth the losses suffered without the backup?

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Re: the wind turbine operators of ....

Rick your discussing the problem in the midwest....... the progressives in their zeal for green energy were unable to admit  need for backup.   The Kansas governor blocked a second coal fired generator at Garden City planned to be the backup regionally for the wind charger development...... we are not helping Texas as we were designed to because she did not want to loose her near appointment by Obama to the Health Care spot on his cabinet.  Just like our present governor and the "Glorious" senator from your NY, the jump to green energy(still the unknown for the most part) has to be instantaneous because what we do now is so evil.  We sent our light weight thinker to Washington and so did New York.

Why can't we elect wisdom and lead the world in something other than "side show entertainment"?

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Politely and well stated power major.

I just wish that political party considered those that don't vote for them just as important.

The zeal for power is far more important that any aspect of the weather cycles........ 

"I'm thinking cold, hurricanes, wildfires, big chunks of glaciers falling into the ocean, etc..."  Im thinking all of these happen over and over for centuries behind and centuries to come..... 

I think Hobby should have said how sad it is to have politicized weather.  Or pretend that we can control or take credit for it.  We so love to pretend.....

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Been mulling over if I should even respond to these myopic minded posts.

These are the people that care so much for the environment such as Billy Gates, All Gore, John Kerry ALL jetting around the world on their own private jets. They are the true "big foots".  Nancy flies around the country in her US Air force jet liner paid for by us. The list goes on... give me a break.

This world is in flux has been since day one will be after the sun burns out.

The last few hundred years is nothing in the grand scale of things.

Bettya those farms  covered in ice in the Skattafell Iceland area by the visitors center in the 1300's are still covered over.

The Midwest down to close to I 70 in Missouri have been covered in ice, maybe that was or should be the true normal?

There are remnants of tropical fauna in the arctic, maybe that was here (there) longer than this last few centuries?

The problem with liberals is they just know so many things that just ain't so.  There is very little difference in them and the Jews going to the "shower rooms" in Auschwitz.  Just blindly following.




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Well, living close to I-70 in MO, there's nothing abnormal about having cold snaps during the winter.  Calling the cold snaps by different names is simply a function of the times in which we live.  We've been spoiled with fairly easy winters the last several years.  I do remember longer cold spells, deeper snow, more ice, longer power outages, deeper freezes.  It a balmy 28 right now, breezy but not windy, nice sunny day, snow will be melting soon -- much better than the recent well-below zero, 30 mph winds, no sun and blowing snow drifting across the roads.  That said, I also remember going to a farm auction in late 1990's right about now in February, when it was in the 70's and got quite a sunburn.  It's called "weather".

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