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today's road trip was to just east of Lincoln, Ne.

Hwy 34 west to I-29 north to I-80 then west 30ish miles

Then south about 12 miles and back east to Plattsmouth, Ne and home again on #34.

Various degrees of dryness damage all the way out and back.

A few strips of good looking corn and beans.

Saw almost no "disaster" crops. Lots of fields with the poor spots obvious.

Quite a lot of tops out of stressed areas on corn fields.

Saw four corn fields that had been combined.

Saw one big field with two big combines just doing the end rows west of Murray, Ne.

The beans as a rule looked worse for the moisture deficit than the corn % wise.

A lot higher % of corn was completely dead on the hwy 15 miles south of the interstate on our return in Nebraska.

Just a couple of soybean fields nearing leaflessness

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BA Deere
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Most of the beans around here are looking ugly, aphids not being sprayed because at R 5.5 or this non-Lorsban spray is ineffective (especially low volume from aerial applications), SDS, ect  If the beans could hold off maturation a bit longer they could fill those last few pods ... and the Twins have a better chance of making the playoffs   😀

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Murry  , being  the  garden  spot  this  point &  time .   US  81  , then  west  , will  explain  the  rest  of  the  story ,  unless  sprinkled  or  furrowed  applied  .  

Corn  appetites'  in  beef  lots , on  the  horizon ,   will  be  lessened ,  with the  current,  major  herd  liquidation .   

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289 ---- I might agree.  I just don't see any other option.... and the drought is forcing it..... lots of area pastures need a year off. (a wet year off)

I look for beef prices to rise in the box -- Nothing good about the feeder cash flow......

Appetites may not be lessened but rations will be , meaning fewer plates at the table.  And unfortunately herds continue to be slaughtered by circumstance.  

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