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Tales at the sale

Labor Day auction at Dexter, Minnesota and prices are strong, at least 1400 bidding numbers + the "internet" and despite the biggest sale I`ve seen them have there were few bargains.  The regulars were there Hips n` Boots, The "Amish Guy" who ain`t really Amish just has a Amish beard and Balls.   Balls and his boy bid a lot but i don`t think they got anything bought. 

I doubt if the "Trump money" that most received last week had much to do with the hot and heavy bidding, the crowd was upbeat, I think they just found their groove with $8 beans and $3 corn. Quite a few MAGA hats, but not one "Amy 2020" hat in blue ol` MinnasotAh. 

I spent a little of my Trump money, so today I gotta haul my booty home, Uff-Dah  🙂

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Re: Tales at the sale

Sad 😢 maybe they’re from Alabama he did tell them they were going to whopped by hurricane.

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