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Re: Tariffs US style!

 BA:  That's your first mistake China does not need our products they can get them some place else for a similar price.

Its just like buying a Ford or a Chevy.  The products are not all that different and the price is about the same.  Countries and  individuals continue to by one over the other from habit if nothing else and each well claim their choice is far better.  That will continue right up till their original choice hacks them off and they try the other.  Then they know they are all about the same.

Of people exporting goods and services to China  the USA has never been bigger than a weak 5th place finisher.  From China's perspective we are a small fish in a big pond.  A good place to dump product but not a place to shop. 

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Re: Tariffs US style!

Popspoppe,  that`s true China can buy ag commodities many places in the world, but the other side of that coin is we can buy our Walmart junk from other countries too.  Maybe our differences with China are irrreconcilable and a divorce best for the "kids" .  I guess if I was China, I`d be saying to myself "now where in the world are we going to find a bigger sap than the United States to do business with???".   

Oh make no mistake, there are plenty of gullible countries out there, but they don`t have the spendthrift consumer base that the United States has. 

Yes, China is gambling on "November 2020" however if the Sanders/Warren wing wins, their union friendly view of US trade isn`t much different than President Trump`s and on trade anyway perhaps there won`t be much of any changes.  I mean if you look at the numbers ag commodities are very small potatoes in the entirety of US/China trade.  Oh it matters to us farmers, but 1 billion bushel of beans is $11 billion and that literally is a drop in the bucket...and we`d all give our eye teeth for $11 beans at this point. 

China should be looking at the situation as if you are a farmer renting 1,000 acres from a local car dealer.  And you are ready to trade pickups, it might behoove you to buy your pickup truck from your landlord even if he`s $2,000 higher than other dealerships. 

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Re: Tariffs US style! ba deere

you r right that ag is a drop in the bucket. From what i see all of Agricutures total value is about the same or a little less than exxon/ mobil. thats not counting how much business they do each day!

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