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Re: Tell me about the crops out there

Here, the good corn looks good, most all the irrigated fields look really good, with a couple of bad spots here and there.  Down by the river, the water table was so high there was real stunting.  If it doesn't rain soon, the 100 degree days will start to really burn up the dryland crops.  Personally, most of my corn is irrigated, and looks really good, but isn't tasseling yet.  Hope it cools down a little before then.
I am in central Nebraska.

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Re: Tell me about the crops out there

Soybeans in this area were planted on time and look very good overall. Corn was planted a little late but looks good overall. Like any year, weather in August will most lilkely tell the story.




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Re: Tell me about the crops out there

sw ks ---worst corn crop ever----drought bad but intense heat is distroying crop from Lubbock Tx to nearly Interstate 70 in Kansas.  Scorched leaves common no matter how much irrigation is available.  Local normal rainfall 18-20 inches -------Less than 3 in the last 12 months.    Aproaching 11 weeks of 102 to 116 degree heat.  Ok panhandle area green chopping circles now.

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