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Ten fields in ten miles--the windshield tour

Yesterday I drove from northern Wisconsin to central Iowa--about 350 miles. I made up a crop rating game on the way. Used a little scoring system, as well as some occasional "ground truth." Here's how it works: Click here.


Anybody ever done anything like this?


Here are some of my general impressions, too, fwiw:


* There appears to be more corn planted up way up north this year--not all of it looking so hot.


*  A fair amount of variability exists in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The poorer soils are really showing their shortcomings.


*  About a third of the fields in my "measured" windshield tour showed evidence of crop loss--standing water, bad stands, etc.


*  In the pothole country, water has been standing long enough in parts of some fields so as to provide frog habitat.


* Tile lines, waterways and drainage ditches are working hard in the Clarion soils country. And more hard rain was on the way in parts of this area as I drove through.


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Re: Ten fields in ten miles--the windshield tour



For all of the reasons you just mentioned, that's why many feel the markets should be headed up and not down. The fundamentals are being trumped by the technicals. Can a crop get too much rain and not enough 'growing degree days'? That's the question I come away with, after reading your report.



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Re: Ten fields in ten miles--the windshield tour

Interesting observations.  I flew from Iowa City to Osceola (south of Des Moines) on Sunday and saw a lot of water in the fields.  I'll see if I can add a photo or two (no promises).

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