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Test Weight

Just received the first seed plot results from local rep.

What really stood out to me was TW 52 to 56 ,more to varieties to the low side.

Just saying, 59 vs 54 makes a big difference. Especially if you get under 54 and get docked.

your results may vary



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Re: Test Weight

Lets's examine this a little further. Those test weights do sound low. My question would be how high was the moisture? I have combined a lot of 30% and over corn in my life and it is never 56 lbs. leave that corn dry down to 26% and you will probably pick up a few lbs. I can almost guarantee you that corn will be three or four pounds heavier coming out of the dryer. It's a bad deal if you are hauling to town but if you are running it thru your own dryer, it's not such a big deal. Wet corn never weighs well so I will need some more information to decide whether or not the situation you speak of is out of the normal.
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Re: Test Weight

54 is grade 2 still no? Not much corn is actually 56lbs correct? I think you need to be a bit lower than 54 to get downgraded to #3
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Re: Test Weight

52 # corn is where the problems start.  54 # is OK, just a little light or, for some areas, normal.  52 # though is not.  Once we get into the 40's - trouble.



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