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Texas size planting delays

See "exhibit A's"  words like cool, damp, wet signaling farmers can't get to the fields to plant..


 Central : Fields were expected to be too wet to work for another week at least. Corn and silage planting were expected to be very late.

Coastal: Due to the heavily saturated soils, some corn planting was delayed. 

East : Field preparations were on hold. 

Far West: The first half of the week saw winter weather and cooler temperatures, followed by a warming spell.

South : Planting remained stalled in most areas due to wet conditions. The northern part of the region had persistent rain throughout the week. 


On and on it goes throughout Texas in an article found here :




See "exhibit B" as farmers confirm planting delays in a post found here :


Conclusion :  Another 5-6 day delay and market perceives a problem...and you know the rest of this story, ja...



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Re: Texas size planting delays

Texas is merely a fringe area, problem already figured into the algorithm. No worries, cheap corn is here to stay!

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Re: Texas size planting delays

Needs to be an I state or Maryland to raise an eyebrow.

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Re: Texas size planting delays

Corn needs a "story" and it takes a while for the market to buy into a story.  In 2012 drought, it took late summer before they woke up.."hey we might actually run out of corn!"    I see big patches of drought creeping in into the "I" states, here it`s no precip and 70º on Sunday above temp and below precip in the 6-10.  ....Buuuuut all it takes is a 5" rain followed by a 3" rain and so on and so on and next thing you know we`re mudding it in June 5th.  The market would then say "rain makes grain..sell the rallies!".  Nothing will happen `til August, unless the market figures that "the crop is made" then it`ll go down. 

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Re: Texas size planting delays

Allendale's planting survey numbers might be a story........88.5 million acres of corn planted......leaves around 81.5 million harvested.  This probably will not increase the corn carryover......even if the trendline yield is reached.

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