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Thank YOU Veterans

I know this is the Marketing section - But would like to take a moment to Thank all the Vet.s for my Freedom and the sacrifices you all made - So people like me and enjoy the way of life we have here in the U.S.A.


I would also like to take a moment to tell you about a couple of Vets from our small town - where we use to know everybody .


I knew both from went I was a little kid - My dad built a lot of homes and barns around here - and he did some work for a farmer named Marvin - I went over with dad to work one day and I couldn't believe what Marvin had in his barn - a airplane - how cool was that to a kid . I asked Dad about it and he said Marvin had been a pilot in WW2

Well  Marvin retired from farming and would come over to the Bluebird to eat breakfast and would sit next to me at the big table in there - I had always wanted to ask Marvin what he flew in WW2 but was afraid to even after all the years I had knew him - One day as we were walking out - I got the b--s to ask him -he stoped in his tracks and looked at me and said he was a Pilot of a B-17 -  I was thinking a B-17 - holly chit - for I had read a lot on the history of the 17 and the great loses in air crews back in them days - we were walking down the side walk and he was talking about them days and then I asked him how many missions he flew - He stoped again and looked at me and Said Missions - He said he never flew a mission - thats is why he was standing here talking to me -- Marvin and his crew had just flew in a new 17 into England on the Day they ended the War .

One Day Here come Marvin in with a smile from ear to ear - He pulled out a picture and handed it to me - It was a picture of himself and the B-17 that had stopped by Mount Comfort airport to give rides for two days - BTW he did get to go up in her -- one last time - Marvin passed shortly after .


Then there was Sherm - What a guy ! everybody loved Sherm - He was in WW2 also , -- like Marvin - i asked -- Sherm - What did you do in the war - I had heard Sherm never would talk about it - but as Marvin -Sherm was getting up in years and would like to learn from Sherm - he looked at me and said he was a medic . I asked when he went in -- He went in on D-Day --- Day 2 - I had to swallow hard on that one - He went on to say they didn't send the Medics in till day 2 to keep them alive -  Sherm went thru Every Major battle of WW2 in the European Theater --------- And DID NOT carry a gun - i about crapped my pants on that one .


One day I asked Sherm if the 88's  were as bad as I had read - He said you Know I'm a big Dale Jarret fan - But won't root for him - I asked why ?  He said what is  his number on the car --- it was 88 . He said he can still hear them after all the years --  Then we lost Sherm 5 years ago - Boy do i miss them guys - but also - so proud to have know them and what they did for you and I .


Thanks again-- Marvin -Sherm and all Vets



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Re: Thank YOU Veterans



I'm late in doing this. But, since we should be thanking the veterans (fallen and living), I wanted to offer my gratitude for freedom. Thank you treefmr and all servicemen and women.


God Bless,