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Thank you Marketeye

Putting the producer in the spotlight!

It has been an interesting year. Thank you Mike!!

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Re: Thank you Marketeye

tree for,


Thank you for your kind remarks. A year to remember and a year to forget, all in one.




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Re: Thank you Marketeye

I'd push back a bit on the "year to forget".....this is year to learn from and learn in deeply meaningful ways. jmo


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Re: Thank you Marketeye

I agree a lot with Time.

Very good year to remember here.

Mid April  snow storm. Still started planting April 26th.

Corn up in 8 days.

Then wet and cold, localized flood on one bottom farm, 20% replant on 7th of June.

April planted corn seems to be about 215 bu ac. New record farm average, @$4 more than $600 clear per acre.

Home farm that was beat up with flood and no rain for Aug. Still in 175 bu range. There again $500ish /acre over costs. 

All in all one to remember as a top five year.

One to remember as a year that kept looking bleak at times but worked out quite well  in the end.


All about location location location.