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Re: Thanks Mizzou_

That was an excellent moon-eagle pic.  We are going to see it again some where winning a prize.  Not sure where.  Maybe the National Geographic magazine.  Kind of like a "rose among the Thorn's" in the other forum. 

Yesterday I saw a wild turkey on one of my farms.  That was a first.

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Re: Thanks Mizzou_

Rawhide - sw and Wind - Thanks - I knew you guys would enjoy  True Art and Beauty when you saw it - Smiley Happy  Unlike the hard nose - follow every letter to the T type in management - Smiley Surprised Smiley Very Happy  


But really - My reason for posting it up in Marketing is 2 things - Most of the posts I read on here - are either in Marketing or Crops - both equally good - thus I have talked to some of you on the phone and have become friends - So was just sharing with the people ( my friends ) in these sections - I always enjoyed reading Hobbies take on the tid bits - as in "It's the Weekend " Time to kick back soom after a week of battleing rain , hail and fire - so to speak - to rest up for whats ahead next week , and enjoy everybody's storys - like elCHEAPO's buying a dairy queen - there was some funny stuff on that tread - I guess the only reason it was not moved to the 'form ' was is was a business deal  , lol



back to regular programing  Smiley Happy


Time to answer your question - I don't know if I have seen such different weather across IN this season - Northern Part - some in the the Drought montior - then the Lafayette area - Kokomo , over to Munice area - heavy rain central ! Every moning when I turn on Randy or Chuck - its always raining up there - Dr. Neilson called yesterday - to see if he could come down to help me play with my Ag Leader to set it up for a Scrip , they had made one round in there N plot in Lafayette and got rained out - I told him yeah he could come down but bet it would be raining here by the time he got here - btw I would have lost that bet - he would have been here by 1:30 -to 1:45 and it didn't start raining till 1:50 or so .


In my area - we have caught just about ever shower that has come threw - yet - a good friend lives 4 to 5 miles north - as a crow flys - In Hancock County - went 3 weeks straight with out a rain as we sat here - waiting .

I have been lucky - no big amonts of rain - like MT and others has got - the half to an inch type every 3 or 4 days , but I don't have any drowned out spots - but as I drove to Shelbville last weekend - 3 miles south of me - ponds eveywhere .


Kiersten was down to look at her plot field and said down at Butlerville - they can't remember such a perfect spring planting  - even Rush county to my east has got in on the act - one rain here got 8 tenths - yet B-I-L's field had 3 inchs on it and yes it was planted in beans - I wouldn't have gave him 50 cents for that mess but dang if it didn't make it - good for him .


MT- I agree with your thinking - but you left out Texas - I think - anyway - I would guess that after 30 inchs of rain down there in some spots - that there has to sucky corn - yet we - or I should say - I have not heard a word on it, but as somebody said it don't matter - The only thing that counts are the I states - the other's just don't count - that makes me wonder why they even farm in then states if they don't matter - That would hurt my feelings after awhile with the Gov. telling me that We don't count evey year - lol


Well better get - Everybody have a great weekend -

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Re: Thanks Mizzou_

Great pic....although as a student of the markets...and how they are impacted by the natural energy flows that sweep across God's creation...moving it was pretty better not say that....reflective of a different value structure...How's that for being kind?

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Won't argue with you Tiger

From what I have been able to learn I think your PP numbers are close and perhaps even a little on the light side.  The other side of the coin is how many acres technically got planted and will yield less than double crop on the soybean side of things?  I also think there is a huge number of corn acres that could run into trouble later this summer because of shallow roots.  The worst thing in the world after a really wet spring is a hot and dry summer.  It could still happen.  Everything is planted up here and looks really good but we are starting to get pretty water logged.  It looks like there will be ponds that will drown out in a few places with beans.  The corn is big enough that the damage won't be as bad but it certainly isn't going to add any yield!  Chance of rain every day this week too.  Sorry for your situation down there.

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Re: Won't argue with you Tiger

It should concern the boys on LaSalle street when IL steve is worried about crop prospects!


I just spoke with our crop ins guy and he personally knows of 15,000 acres in IN going PP, which kind of surprised me as he runs a pretty small circle. I was just working through the details of replant coverage, and even PP on a few swampy acres. First time on PP for us, even after adding another 16 row planter...crazy times in mudville....

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