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My words come out slowly ---------- when I am most at ease and greatful.  They been bouncing around in there long enough to have the rough edges rounded off and the unnecessary words sorted out.

Thanks is just about the only good one left after a few days of mulling.  Nothing else is quite good enough to go with it.


The Hobbyfarmers were kind enough to allow a couple of elderly lepricons from the sw to tag along as they took a week to see the world from a different perspective. -------------- I observed long enough to say absolutely. "Hobby" farmer is the most misleading tag on this forum.  The measure of a farmer is his heart for the production of food from the land, and for the "hobbys" we rode with ------ Ag is front and center.  But old SW, in a week without baseball, was checking out the arm on this young prospect-----IMG_0325.jpgBoys are boys the world around ----- Thank God.


And I enjoyed seeing the glow in the eyes of that farmers 19 yr old son as he told me he was undecided on where his future will lead.  It was darn close to the gleam in Hobby's eye to see that a friend he had made the year before was in fact, a friend.

Yet I did not get a picture one in the dairy barns or the sheep buildings where the livestock spend 6 months a year.  And the amazing barn tied to them where for many years they blew enough green grass hay to feed them all.  Ventilating and using airiation tubing to dry it like we do grain-------- The automatic plastic wrap machines have taken over to keep the wet bails from burning the whole thing to the ground.  And these guys know how to tile-----IMG_0268.jpg4 to 6 ft deep and water runs out fo the ground always.  That glacier in the mountains with the hot rock under it provides plenty of water.

Sorry I could not keep my mind on the farming stuff --------- a comon problem for me.

If you combined mount St Helens and yellowstone, then covered it with 1500 ft of ice packed snow, cranked it up with 24 volt instead of 12, add in a gulf stream current so you can see it in a light jacket, you have Iceland.  ---------Whether you are there to see the fireworks or the results it is a rare combination of earths "special effects".


Example that says it all ---------IMG_0341.jpgThe day after we took this  pic of a typical glacier fed river, we drove back by it to go see the glacier just beyond that distant hill.  But when we passed the water was 4 ft higher and brownish gray.  A little unnerving if you think about it very long.  But we had an Iowan at the helm.  We headed right on up to the glacier to "check it out".


I would not trade my week ----------- thanks Hobby.


If you can only go 50 miles, go and do your best to see the world from a different perspective.


Came home to a rain over 1 inch ------------- Thanks.

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You are most welcome


Over the years I have been on many trips with other people. Most times on a "company trip" but quite a few personal outings too, You and Mrs SW were the best.


The gleem in your eyes everytime we stopped at a waterfall or large river was all the payback I needed. I have some of those on file in pictures. I got to see the twelve year old boy still in you.


A team of wild horses could not have kept you from going down to the closest observation rock at the first big water fall that second day.


 Your legs are shorter but you had NO trouble getting there first.


You made my trip better because I had a "kindred spirit" there to share it with.


BTW: you sly 'ol lepricon thank you for that birthday that ended with a 0 evening meal complete with cake and ice cream.


Edit: for those that have no clue...those two "old" sw Ks lepricons are only 2 ish years older than Hobby


I was the "kid" on this trip. I would take or go with the SW twins on another "Grand Adventure".





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Re: You are most welcome

Was thinking about you guys today while I was doing some "touch-up" spraying.  Showed Hobby's pics to my dad today and he got a kick out of that potato harvestor.  For someone that used to make hay with horses he thought it was quite a sight to see them making hay 60 miles from the Arctic Circle!!


Thanks again to Marketeye and his associates for setting up that meet and greet in Clear Lake last fall.  Great dividends!!


Oh by the way, corn I planted May 11 and 12 started shooting tassles yesterday.  That 2.5" of rain we got last Saturday really kicked things along.

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Re: You are most welcome



I got another one for your dad------------ he might not enjoy it as much as I did--- but here goes---------

Down here the sweep plow was the first "trash" tillage tool.  After the 50's everyone had one and it helped stop the spring dirt storms.  Until the advent of glyphosate and no-til it was the go to weed control implement and are the 'backup' to this day.

The icelandic farmer used it for a different purpose(undercutting sod) but this picture is a horse drawn sweep plow in a museum there ------------------IMG_0368.jpg


And a 1956 farmall with a independent spring ride front suspension ----------------- The ones built in Europe were a little fancier than ours.  Also had a buddy seat on the fender------------IMG_0371.jpg



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Re: Thanks

Thanks for sharing all the great pics guys!
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