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BA Deere
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Re: Thanksgiving on the Farm

Isc76cat, those grandkids are a blessing, your family is very blessed.

ddtfarm1, we used a WD-45 on the baler, that hand clutch was handy ...or so they say as i was always on the rack  🙂 which is where I want to be.   The WD-45 is high compression and you need to be extra careful if you have to hand crank it, the thumb in the right position or you could get a broken arm. 

I`m a poor one to accept change, change of any kind. I`d love agriculture where we were stuck in a 1970s loop of 100 sows, 50 cows and 500 acres.  But the genie is out of the bottle, 48 row planters running 10 mph, 16 row cornheads and 50` beanheads.

Honored Advisor

Re: Thanksgiving on the Farm

Age and time.  The mystery of life.   Time passes much faster than observed and change is always faster than remembered.  

Mans finally we have far more control over our happiness than we think.  

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