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The Early Corn?

I know that the USDA was counting on 300 to 500 million bushels of "new" corn to make their 2011 carryout numbers work.  How much of that are they really going to get?

For those that have harvested that early corn and have hauled it to the elevators,  what are the elevators doing with that corn? Is it already being loaded on a train and shipped to where it is needed? I wouldn't think it would be put on a barge, (not enough water in the rivers).   Is it going directly to an ethanol plant?   Or, are the elevators going to hoard it and attempt to fill their bin space first?  Is there anyone out there filling their own bins on the farm?

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Re: The Early Corn?

The early corn was shreded, disced, baled, or chopped, and the one guy with a combine is still working on getting the hopper full.

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Re: The Early Corn?

they are getting it..........unfortunately its taking a pile of acres to get it............


cat chasing its tail is about where things have evolved to at this point............

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Re: The Early Corn?

Was at a field day, and the agronomist who was there, said that the earliest 'good' corn in the area, will be able to be harvested around September 15th or so.  The dried up stuff, around Sep. 1st, but keep in mind, the yields for that will be from 10-50 BPA, and light test weight.