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BA Deere
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The Elevators Cut pod cast

Couple industry guys joking around.  This is from February titled "Surviving Prosperity; Why Rallies are Terrible" .  Basically some people have to make margin calls when the markets rally, so I suppose some take to social media to jawbone the market down.   

There are many destructive "critical theories" being promoted these days, one I call "Critical Market Theory" where bears think the farmer is only deserving of below cost of production prices...and want to raise taxes if the farmer does some how eek out positive income ....and raise death tax if a farmer sneaks past the goalies while above sod. 

The Critical Market Theorist hates rallies  "monster crop coming!  Dollar getting higher!  China has quit buying!  End the RFS!  Inflation is only transitory!" .    If you`re bullish the Critical Market Theorist wants to ban and cancel you  🙂  In a nutshell, whatever hurts the farmer, "CMT`s" want.