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BA Deere
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The Nickel

Well, nearby corn off 19¢ beans up 14, all outer months down, the guru who recommended being sold by May was perhaps onto something?   West Texas crude down 5 with outer months falling below $100, RBOB off 9¢.  The Dow aka "unsinkable Molly Brown" is of course up 350.  Bitcoin up 1200, now over 39,000. 

Dollar is flat and Euro up.  The Yen really has been falling of late, Aussy Dollar not doing well, New Zealand Dollar flat lower.  Wondering if there won`t be action in the Pacific next? 

The Pork Checkoff is dropping to 35¢/$100 rate.  I remember 20 some years ago there was a vote to end the checkoff and it passed, by a judge threw out our vote.  Ain`t that America. 

Have an above average day! 

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Re: The Nickel

Well spoken Deacon BA

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Re: The Nickel

Leaves  one  asking  what  the  formula  of  Beef  Check  Off  $  would  be  on  the  missing  -  lo$t ,  unaccounted  for,  cattle  in  Washington  State - B  T  O   feedyard - ? 

 Also,  does  the  China  owned  hogs  pay  the  Pork  Check  off  assessment - ?    

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