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Re: The Oil lobby backs carbon pricing!

The old pail calves can probably adjust.

But the landscape is getting covered with an awful lot of feeder calves who have no reason by experience to think that they aren’t going to get paid for simply being forever. 

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Re: The Oil lobby backs carbon pricing!

Ag is a pretty good metaphor and test case for the economy at large.

Some people still drive tractors for fun, even though they are basically redundant. Some people (increasingly immigrants) check the feeders in the hog barns, milk the cows or at least keep an eye on the roboticized herd, or cut up meat (remains a difficult area to automate).

Otherwise it is just a vague notion to most. Even in rural areas where a couple guys may come in the diner in the morning.

BTW, the surging trade deficit (granted, in highly unusual circumstances) at the same time that ag exports are also surging is an example of some math that was already apparent. Ag exports are fine but they don't solve much in regards to the larger issue.