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The attention span of the market

A little sport fishing in Iowa and the market can't remember Brazil.  I agree 2012 is not going to be anywhere near the usda's lazy averages, but  a question -------- have we filled the gap on old crop corn?------- is it pricing time for the last of it? -------- Is the SW principle right, when the supply gets too short demand looks elswhere and prices stagnate?


Isn't it time to think about contracting a little 2013 soybeans at 13.33?  You know every bean we can rip out of the display bag is gonna get planted in the next month.  Please ......................... those poor guys who live on the seminar cruise liner need cash flow.


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Re: The attention span of the market

sw --- just thinking out loud here -- but don't think were there quit yet - but getting closer . I think that when we start seeing wheat come in then that should do it - in the south east anyway .  Really the only game in town around here is a Ethanol plant a hour and a haf north or the wiskey plants down around rawhides place or Kentucky


I was going to move some old corn this morning but SWohio must have sold another 100 thousand and screwed up my market .


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Re: The attention span of the market

what is wrong with scaleing out sales, and NOT trying to be a hero?


if it goes up you are thrilled down, you have some sold.

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Re: The attention span of the market

I did sell a little Friday but today is whack. I see corn is coming up off the lows now. Must be that ECI was calling around to get some prices for his old crop and someone tipped off Chicago. Smiley Happy


Is this a case of robot trades making the market move?


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Re: The attention span of the market

Guys, to hell w higher prices. Sell some soybeans before July. Bunge phoned; I told them I knew what their bids were. 13.5....

Maybe I could get 14 in a week. If I can, I will! But not all of it of course