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The beauty of

playing chicken over the debt ceiling (in the midst of a major debt crisis in Europe and a slowdown in China) is that if markets lock up and corn goes to $4, nobody will have to take the blame politically.


Or at least the blame that every individual assigns will roughly correspond with how they currently think. They'll just be madder.

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Re: The beauty of

I think it bizarre that everyone is SO convinced inflation is "Gauranteed"  when the FED has unlimited resources to stop INFLATION at this point. What they have is ZERO resources to stop a double-dip globally. History has shown hundreds of times that you don't experience hyper-inflation until AFTER producers can no longer obtain the resources (capital, imported inputs, etc etc). We are no where close to that point at this time. Money if free and widely available. Fert guy just called me to lock in all the fert I want for 2012, all imported of course.


Besides, why are we fighting so hard to maintain the integrity of bonds that are mostly owned by a very exclusive and rich clientele like Chinese military officers, Saudi princes, and wealthy bankers who are becoming bizarrely wealthy on the dollar carry trade (ie borrow at .25% and lend to folks like us at 4%). We are not in the sky is falling camp (paying $7k for dirt proves that) BUT think it very fair to question some of the "inflation experts".


The LIVE AMMO weather bull we are in right now is just going to be catastrophic to the user base if it continues. IT will be over when CZ closes below 6.25 and SX 13.05, but for now this very aged bull RUNS like a yearling. Obvioulsy he has CZ $7.98 in site.

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