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The bull didn't get me!

Well this is definantly new!  Thanks for the invite to check it out.  That bull was Ornry Smiley Mad But we got him loaded.

As you know We homeschool oour kids so I took the 3 boys with me real quick to just swing gates if needed.  Well the one spot I didn't think he would be a problem was.  He hit those boards on that fence and went right through!  THe boys were all inside the Pickup real fast.  I decided I needed something more substantial than the paddle stick so I went and got a 1 inch pipe about 4 ft. long.  Went after him then he ran around one barn and then another. Finally got him corralled in a feedyard which was way to open for my liking.Man Tongue Then set up some gates. I had my 14 yr.old bring around the Bobcat so we could push him in a corner. That worked until he turned on me.  At that moment I had enough and that pipe seemed to be very able to inflict some pain.  He came at me and I hit him twice.  He kept on bellering but it dropped him to his knees so he then went into my holding pen so we were able to catch him.  Got him to the sale barn and said he was all yours!Man Very Happy.  The boys are now sure I am the toughest man in the world!

      On my way home My youngest who is seven was a little quite then he asked very concerned.

"who's gonna breed the cows dad?"

I said the black bull. 

He thought for a minute and he said he's kinda young who's gonna teach him with the big bull gone? 

I said well nature already taught him he'll figure it out.

He said "NO!" He's kinda stupid he was riddin some cows head the other day he needs to know he needs to be on the other end!Man Surprised

I think we taught the biology class pretty well to that one!

Oh yea the bull weighed 1465 and brought 66cents.

He was from Reagen crest and fairly young just went bad this last week.  With those boys around I am not going to take a chance.

Thanks for the invite over here John looks cool I'll do a little exploring.  Will pics be easier to view and load over here? JR

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Re: The bull didn't get me!

Thanks for the feedback on the new groups. And, wow, thanks for the bull story. Funny and scary. Just another day in the life on the farm, eh? -- JW

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