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The corn crop is made by july 1

well people, just read the lastest posting by the successful farming person, talking about marketing for the summer.

I read something that just kind of hit me............

it said "the corn crop is made by july 1".

now, i know it's been a few years since i took plant sciene........but, i'm sorry but I don't think the corn crop is made by

july 1 !!

in my medical travels the last week or so, i've seen a number of fields unplanted, and the corn i've seen looked at the

biggest, maybe a foot, and others basicly just comming up.

i know of places around here that the seed is still in the bag

i know there are a number of posters here that are saying, the crop is not even in the ground yet.


I'm sorry, but putting out such fertilizer is just is putting out false information.


it perhaps gives us an idea of the persons true understanding of marketing.


of which, little if any.


yes, i'm not in a good humor.........but i'm getting sick and tired that everyone and their lacky bother in law are quoted

by the "ag media", and the like, that frankly sound like they don't know the business end of a horse.

while, prices and input prices are enough to drive one to drink.....reading much of the dribble that is """"news"""""

is enough to make one nauseous.


i've even read one thing that says ""it's too late for a drought""......just how many times was this indivual dropped on

his head as a child ???


yes, there could be a moisture full, soil profile.......but hot temps, and winds, will wick out the moisture from the best

of corn, and if the right, hot, conditions, with wind happen when the corn is don't have good yeilds.


but........i'm told i need to keep my blood pressure have to admit, i must be too hard on the ag media,

why, they can't help themselves.....after all they come from the same blood as their first cousins, the tv media......

where you don't care what the story is, it's just if it fit's the "feel" of the network......and if the story is true, well

that is a gray area........after all, every story has two sides.


back to marketing.........i think you need to have your foot in the market (i havent yet.....but then again i suffer from

arthritis and gout....and i don't like things slammed on my foot).......but for whatever it is worth.......if you do,

do it so that you don't get trapped.......yes, things could go up......and it will make you sick knowing you locked in

at one point and it takes off........but, as in physics, there is an equal and opposite if it goes down

you'll feel better.

while we can do fair on the "board price", many of us are having our flesh rippped from our bones by the insane



as for wheat.......i don't know.......the fellow we had a meeting with, told us we were going to have a chance

to price this years at harvest price at $5 or above...............


he lives in iowa..........


i have his address


rains any more, i might have to take a little road trip........anyone want to ride along ?

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Re: The corn crop is made by july 1

Same dribble from th  same set of "has been drips" 



Same set of dimwits that have renamed us growers. Got a "required " form from the seed co to report where I planted what. Said it was a growers report. Ash canned it. 


I'm fighting an apparent losing battle but they still want my money so they can suck it up too.

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Re: The corn crop is made by july 1

Many fields on Interstate 88

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Re: The corn crop is made by july 1

Thanks gio/lucas,  there is water standing in many areas.,, even close to the SW dust bowl.


It is an interesting issue.  In my opinion,,,, which probably comes a little too often,,,,,,,, the most tried and "true" statements are not .  They are just something to say when you are hoping the market does not prove you wrong.


Rain makes grain,  has got to be the all time leader in famous marketing statements, hands down....  It has to be the number one "go to" statement when there is nothing else that supports a position.

Over the years I can only remember a couple of times when a drought in the corn belt moved the market upward...... It just doesn't happen....they squeal about it when they have to water their lawns, but that's not a drought.  That's just "there goes the top end of the yield a little.  (Now a drought out here won't move anyone to tears, other than a banker, and it ain't moving the market unless it moves into the corn belt)

More often than not a turn upward in the market caused by weather problems in the corn belt is caused by too much rain in too many areas of the cornbelt. At least in terms of corn and beans.   Planting delays are costly close to the artic circle..  🙂  And this is near June 1..... a very late date for corn planting...anywhere...


There has to be too much water somewhere.  We just finished a year at twice our normal average and are starting a second year with full profile that wasn't pumped... delayed planting and we are all smiles with our longer growing season.  But gazing off to the north northeast, down the hill, imagining where you are and knowing the weather systems we have pushed off that way,  gotta be some water standing in a few somewhere's.  

My friend in Crawfordsville, Indiana says there are a lot of unplanted fields in that area and they have been wet. 

Hobby told me this morning he is still living under a cloud...



From my northeasterly facing perspective.  The sand ain't blowing(thats a 30 minute guarantee), the crop is jumping out of the ground, and we have a chance of a less gloomy market trend this summer.....





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