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The end is near

In just a few more weeks, things will come to an end as we know it.....the end of open pit trading on commodities

in the united states (at least for grains if i understand correctly).


I feel that this is a mistake.  Look at the past what has happened, the market was taken advantage, we didn't even

know.......and now, it will be worst.  Remember all the reports from the "pits", you could get an opinion or feeling

from the pits, as to what is going on.  Now with that gone, that will disrupt the communions.  What will you do, call

around to traders or firms, will they give you an opinion, and will they be accurate, after all, they willl be "isolated".


it will now become something, with no heritage, nor honor or pride. 


I've talked to alot of people about it, the most popular responce is, what's the difference,  doesnt have an impact on

me......i beg to differ.


we will be in the dark from now on, recently i think we have seen a glimmer of the way things will be, it will be down

and down untill you prove it.......that is "logical".....computers are "logical", humans are human.  I had a class in

marketing, where we were told, one of the more sucessful trading groups had a psychologist and another person

with a degree in socialology on stuff, they study human, and the way they act, by nature, and knowing that, you

had a slight insight how people might be thinking, and what they might do.


but now.......computers will be the main thing.....and they do not act like humans....they are logical.....they don't like

to take chances, but rather "follow", and do the logical thing....


prime study has been the wheat market...the logical thing was down, and since there was nothing different, and since

the indicatiors (a math formula and computers like that) kept pushing down.  Then when things changed, it was auto

direction, get out of position, and etc........all automatic, no emotion, ......not in "staging" when trying to get out of

a position.



is it good to replace a human  ????


remember, computers do not will that ever infulance their market psychology ????



will there be market psychology ???


remember, a computer now plays chess against often does the human win ???


think about it


yes, all of this "market stuff" might work in the stock exchanges.....but there you have all companies that can do things

to adjust their position on things.....and it does not directly effect people


but in agriculture, it directly effect a person......when the maket goes down, i have less money.



in stocks, the stock value is just "a function", while day to day operions are not impacted.


in stocks, you are buying and selling "ownership rights", but the agmarket is deiffernt.


nope, i think it is a fool hardy idea to be all computer.......this will have such a huge impact on business,


my wasn't there at least a congressional hearing ??????


but, the few making the money, would move heaven and earth to block it.


they said it was a business decission, human are inefficient, we can make more money this way.......


hey, whoa, i thought this was a "price discovery" place.......but we are more concerned how we can


have even more trades, so we can make more money......did they ever say anthing about the customers


or traders ?????


sure showed their colors, but nobody did a thing.......just like the rest of the country, apathy......


where was farm bureau, farmers union, soybean, corn wheat associations ????


it will have a direct impact on each and every members.....and nada..........


"they" think it's ok.......but that is the office stafff........but what about the rest of us out here that pay the dues that


pay their wages.......



too bad, the people we have running the front off, don't even know when someone walks in the door.  they are more concerned


how they look in their circles, rather than the fellow out here, paying their dues to pay them, working hard and getting dirty and


see's less and less profit each day.



it's going to rain this week'll have time to think about it.......i think you will not be in a very good mood come monday





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Re: The end is near

Most of the traders in Chicago are already trading like this..............No human emotions and very little common sense. Just like a computer..........Garbage in, garbage out.  But hey, someone or something has to do it.    Smiley Wink

Re: The end is near

Doesn't get a pay check either lol!!
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Re: The end is near

Smiley LOL   Too funny.


I was a trader's assistance  in the Corn pit in the 80's and I saw a lot of illegal trading practices (filling orders after the close, brokers only trading with a close few, Deliberate -bad fills on huge customer market orders ...etc.).  


Computers have leveled the playing field for the general public.  Generally, speaking it has taken power away from a few insiders. On the opposite side, high frequency computer trading needs to be reigned in.  

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