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The everything market

seems to be holding together before the weekend, hoping or afraid to be short if anyone on either side of the pond might come out over the weekend and wave a magic wand to make the bogeyman go away.


Seems to be an increasing belief in the likelihood of QE3.  I'll pass on handicapping that but would note that the bonds are higher and stocks are lower than a year ago when they did QE2 so it wouldn't shock me if after the fact the market might not be all that impressed.


Grains have held up well considering although they may underwhelm fundamental expectations if the overall markets remain chppy and sloppy.


PS. It would be worth the price of the ticket to watch Rick Perry horsewhip Ben Bernanke but I'm objective and would find it just as much fun to watch Ben give the whoopin'.



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Re: The everything market

Looking to wade back into equities next week......would like to see Dow 10000 or 10500 but may not happen.......going ag sector.......crop is crap, world demand is still healthy.......politics are always a factor, but I am not sure a move to lower grain prices would be net positive.......the actions to pull that off might be too political in and of themselves.......
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