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Senior Advisor

The gate is now open

News item by SF that epa has ruled the refinery in PA doesn't

Have to play by the rules (,hmm have anything with some

Voting coming up ?....nah !!)

Also talk of doing the same with other refinery's, and

Further, "dealing with the rin system"


Well folks, that's it...we've been sold down the river.


And who did it and announced it, the epa..headed by

A big oil man


Where was trump ?

Where was sonny ?



Let's see


Strike NAFTA

Strike 2... No ttp

Strike 3.…program that used a significant amount of

                  Of corn, provided jobs in rural areas just

                   Had its legs knocked out from under it.


In the sidelines, reduction in crop insurance, cuts in programs

That help rural citizens and communities.

And a presidential order raising our equipment

And parts 25%



I guess the only thing I can say is, when Spock was going

To die due to radiation, he mind meld with McCoy,

And said "remember"




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