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Re: The problem with Brazil

Do you want to tell me what genetics changed soybean yields, exclusive of RR?  As far as weed control, It was not long ago, i viewed pictures from Brazil where field hands with hoes were weeding soybean fields, since manual labor and hoes were much cheaper.  You know Brazil is Brazil, if you liked the 1950's you will like Brazil.  Nice country to be FROM!   John  

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Re: The problem with Brazil



I want to share with you (and whomever is looking on) a map of the main highways and main railroads that Brazilian farmers in Mato Grosso use to transport crops to ports. I'll interpret. The blue lines are highways and the red lines are railroads. One interesting note, the railroad that goes northeast to the port of Sao Luis is owned by Vale, the mining company. Guess what? Vale makes their mining products a priority over farm products. As a result, it is tough to get crops through on that rail. But, the majority of the crops are trucked and railed southward to Paranuagua and Santos. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting for folks to see it on a map. Here you go:



Brazil Railroads.jpg


I hope this helps,



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