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The "reasons" wheat is down, according to SF

From THIS website today

Allen brugler....."wheat harvest is purring along at 83% complete compaired to 80%"

Nothing said about yeilds

Talked to regional elevator man today. They
Only took in 35% of normal,..
Worse than last year.
Asked about price, he said it makes no
Sense, could not see how it could
go lower.

"Good crop conditions in the Ukraine "

Do they issue personal body armor for crop

Does john Deere offer bullet proof cab glass?

Run flat combine tires or blast insulation
In the cabs for mines...maybe a mine
Sweeper attachment for the reel?

I wonder if they understand the term
"War zone"

I think many (except Chicago) have written
Off the bulk of the Ukraine crop.

I wonder when they will shoot rockets
At grain bins?

Will they need to issue. An AK-47 to
The drivers of wheat trucks.

Come on Chicago twits....can't you make
up a better story than these.

Oh yes, as far as purring thru harvest,
You can purr along at good speed if
Nothing to cut.

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Re: The "reasons" wheat is down, according to SF

I don't care what they say the real reason to me is the tanking corn prices. Beans are at the same stage as corn was last year to. One more year of S.A. chugging along with the USA carryover and beans will be $9.00 next year. The last time I posted on here was last summer and I predicted this corn market unfortunately. Without an early frost this fall this will be the start of a multi-year price break.Or should I say "we started last year in corn and it gets into high gear this year with beans for a multi-year price break"

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