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Honored Advisor

The race to the finish line......observations

Cropwise, that is...................


My view in NW Ohio.......


1.  The corn crop is not finishing well.  The ears of corn are robbing everything they can from the stalk.  We definately do not need a gulf of Mexico hurricane heading this way with it's winds.


2. The soybeans look alot better than they did in June and July, but they will be below average and appear to be getting shorter every day.  Is this an optical illusion?  Although the soybeans look better than they did, I think almost everyone is going to be very disappointed in their yields.


3. Many of the soybeans are turning......with a few days here near or at 90 degrees, they are ripening quickly.


4. Get us 2 weeks down the road and most all corn & beans will not be hurt much by a frost.


5. We will have less than 50 bushel corn and more than 150 bushel corn in the same 6 rows going across the field.  The water damaged areas have put a very small ear on but these ears may go right through the snapping rolls of the cornhead.


6. I highly doubt that there will be many long lines at the local elevators this fall.




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