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The size of the Brazilian crop

The National Supply Company (Conab) estimated last week a total soybean production in Brazil of 100.9 million metric tons. Some might be curious about that projection because there have been a lot of reports about weather worries in several regions either by dryness or excess of rain. So we explain what's happening.


There is a shortage of credit in the country generated by the fiscal crisis. Farmers, as a result, do not invest on machinery. But they do invest the cash that they have. Agrochemical companies have reported that sales have increased recently in the country. And effective results have appeared at this crop with a lot  less cases of Asian Rust, the caterpillar Helicoverpa armigera, but still significant cases of the Whitefly and the Soybean Looper.


In some fields that I've visited with agronomist in Northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, the yields increased mostly because of adequate crop management and more use of inputs and they suffered a lot in previous crops with the caterpillar Helicoverpa armigera and the Asian rust. Here there are some photos of that region in the last week of February and look at those beans!




Mato Grosso faced some weeks of dryness, but the weather recovered in the following days.


In most cases of rain excess, replanting was successful and recovery took place. On the other hand, consultancy AgRural says yields will fall signifcantly in Tocantis, Bahia and Maranhão due to dry weather. Paraná also had its yields revised down because of high moisture. Yet, the estimate of Agrural is 99 million metric tons for the whole country.


Here there are some photos sent by Agroconsult from Mato Grosso:





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