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The unofficial start of PP season

Currently pouring again

This puts us well over 15 inches since May 4th

I would say this one sealed the deal on a pile of acres. Next weekends predicted washout will go ahead and wax some more.
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Re: The unofficial start of PP season

A lot of acres here looking under the weather in South Central Nebraska.  Way to much cloudy drizzly weather.  Starting to see chemical damage in corn from not being able to metabolize the chemicals, alot of the corn has bad color.  Some beans have been in the ground for almost 2 weeks and haven't emerged yet.  Things don't look as rosie as the CME  wants me to believe it is!!!

Re: The unofficial start of PP season

Same here in Western KY. To wet to spray and need to replant last 350-400 ac. of corn , but rain in forecast for next 7 days.To muddy to float a snipe across the ground and not leave a track.Ha Ha. Thought we were in good shape on May 13, finished 1850 ac. of corn but did not figure on over 5 inches of rain and forecast for more. Oh,the joys of farming,I think  Chicago  had better wake up from what i am reading and seeing on the weather maps.                                                                                 

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Mike central IA
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Re: The unofficial start of PP season

They all believe that saying that "rain makes grain" That may be true to a point, but once everything is drowned and much of the crop seed is still in the bag, more rain doesn't help at all. It is a shame no one will listen. Instead, there will be more knee-jerk reactions and over-reactions that really foul up the works. 

Same old song. Different verse.

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Re: With the Wolf Island blowing,

it might be tough to get whatever does grow, "out" come fall.


things act like a wet COOL sog...for many areas this year.




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Re: The unofficial start of PP season

Neighbors are starting to replant corn in ND. To much cold wet weather, corn stands and emergence are terrible. I realize our state name doesn't start with a "I" so it is all irrelevant but won't be a record year in ND. Some locations have beans and beets that froze also.
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