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The use of options

years back when I had some market classes, options were talked of.  The "beauty" of options, your risk was limited (if you

bought them).  While, not always a 1:1 tracking with their associated contract, they generally followed the value.

I think we understand the "human nature" of the "gone to far" movement in the markets....hard move one direction

one way, usually a slight reversal the next, unless there was something significant, the would encourage the continued

move in the same direction.

But as of a while now, the options are becomming more disconnected from their other words, the

1:1 tracking has become much some instances, it would take a 5 cent move to make a 1 cent move in

the options value.  i can't tell if the short dated option contracts are much better at tracking or not.


i guess what I'm getting at is what I call the "swinging monkey" marketing system........if say a market makes a significant

move, and there is no other significant factors, then before the market closes, place an option order, at the money

in the opposite direction..say wheat went down 15 cents, before the close of that day, place an order for a call........

same if wheat went up 20, issue an order for a put.....but with qualification......there must be "significant moves,

don't think system would work on small moves.....also must keep an ear to he ground about news going on...could

be the markets could continue the same direction.......

The problem i'm having is, the options now tracking the in instances as I said, it takes a 5 cent or more

move to get an option change in some instances........this failure to do close tracking, "kills the monkey".

Unsure why it is not tracking well.......lack of interest, or thin trade ? 


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Re: The use of options

Think its people scared to trade against the big money and yes money talks volume will get smaller and smaller.

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Re: The use of options

The only options I am entertaining is the option whether or not to farm another year.    

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