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The weather

Whether we like it or not the weather will have the final say as to our yield this Fall. And our national yield should determine the price of our crop.  One would think.

Here in the heart of the number one corn growing state we are having record heat.  

Des Moines high temp record has fallen three days in a row.  Temperature has been in

the upper  90's. Way above normal. One day I saw 18% humidity.  I thought of Kansas when I saw that low

humidity.  Corn is growing very fast, knee high just now, we are burning up a lot of that

excess moisture we had earlier.  This heat is mostly likely ok if the rains start falling again.  

The 7 day does not look too promising.

Just a "heads up" here. 

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Re: The weather

The rain has been spotty around here.  I've been on the drier side.  5 miles in any direction they've been getting up to an inch and today it rained a couple of inches just east of me while I got a trace.  It will be the overall average that counts.

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Re: The weather

That race horse corn that gets 12 to 14ft tall with no ears makes real decent silage ( high in sugar generally ).


Sooo you can always chop it.

Its generally free feed after ins adj.

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Re: The weather

If it stresses that much nitrates will usually make it near worthless.  if it was vertilized for grain.

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