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BA Deere
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They`re pickin` corn at Mallard

A few here and there, nobody is really touching the beans though.  The combines are sooty black and traffic signs have soot, I think from Charcoal Rot.  You get west of Buffalo Center and it gets drier and drier, them Germans over there will be getting at the beans this weekend.  Lakota/Bancroft heavy lodging due to the big wind a couple weeks ago.  

The crop is really turning fast, usually Spencer Fair time (now) there`s somebody cutting beans around Cylinder on highway 18.  Went over to Fonda to pick up a load of chemicals, all the women in the office look like models, they do $95 million in business.  Still trying to decide if it was a chemical company that hired models or a modeling agency that just so happen to sell chemicals?    🙂

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Re: They`re pickin` corn at Mallard

BA when I came home from touring the damage I noticed that corn is finishing fast. Side hills in southern Iowa were falling apart. We are still pretty green (irrigation) in the panhandle region our damaging wind was earlier.   but I-70 and north east will be going hard soon...... 

We are harvesting some dry land that had drought and wind damage and lots of fields look like the combine is on fire, there is so much ear smut and stalk fungus... Neighbor finished one yesterday that was terrible.  Going one way the black was rolling out of the feederhouse so much he couldnt see the snouts.  probably making 40 bpa.

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Re: They`re pickin` corn at Mallard we are going to average 170+  and 15 billion total .............alrighty then.   

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Re: They`re pickin` corn at Mallard

Went on a parts run yesterday , Saw field just south of Maquoketa with 3 twelve row combines 2 auger wagons and 5 semis. 

Saw other fields with lesser equip going.

West of there saw bean field with two large combines running

Saw field of severly wind damaged corn along I 80 in Gurnsey area with guy out there with a lexion not going very fast. No hauling equip visable.

For anyone who doesnt think the wind thing was the real deal...

Start at Davenport iowa go north on hwy 61 to hwy 30 go west to Ogden iowa turn south on hwy 169 go till you get to I 80 go east back to Davenport.

Saw several out discing crops down between Cedar Rapids and Marshalltown, mostly too wet for many to do that yet as a lot of 3 to 5+ inch rain there last week.

Don't forget to notice the trees west of cedar rapids.

On west side of cedar rapids a high percentage of homes still have tarps and patches on their roofs.


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