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Re: Things are going to rock

Occasionally I agree with you (on a very limited basis --- for the record)

First point ---- wright this is not the flu......... it could very well be with us like a more deadly polio until a vaccine is developed.  We need to learn how to live with serious risk..... (but we will die first rather than live with limitations... We want to fly to vegas (or Rome) just for breakfast and we will)  So I think some serious death numbers will be necessary.  Otherwise it will be back to normal drug deaths and cell phone brain drain.

What we are doing now is "buying time"..... time to get the treatment meds developed, a vaccine developed.. learn how it is transmitted.  etc etc etc.....   Everybody hopes it goes away..... as they did the plague.... which wiped out half the worlds population at least three times and was with humans for 350 years.   ------ we will see---- but lets not be fools in denial.  We all know this because we are listening to the briefings ........ right.... cause we are careful about the information we ingest.......... right.

Second point marketing  sd --- I think we lost the ability to seriously market when we joined the one world electronic casino twenty + years ago..... Charting, seasonality, etc....   We, as an economy, chose the fresh meat, just in time production, supply chain philosophy... Nothing in the cupboard, nothing in reserve, nothing frozen.  ....... and fell for the idea that the world wide producers could meet that demand.

Over simplified so forgive me, but half the world produces in short supply and the northern half has abundance.  China with the biggest shopping list poors money into brazil to establish a stronghold on production in the weak half of the year smart move-- our farmers started that and our government never got on board---, China has production and available sources for the other half.  We produce into the second biggest demand in the world and can oversupply it on one thing when needed but generally were producing a broad base suffecient for US commodities.  Outside of bananas and pineapple we produce our needs....  Grains we produced our needs and supplied the world with charitable supplies.  Then comes the new era... of government management of supply(1980's to now).... now we produce in incoherent spasms.  Capable of much and in control of nothing.  --- it is the supply chain problem when managed by idiots.

We have too much for today.... so kill the market(producers),  3 months from now we will buy from Brazil.  Then 8 months out our overseers say we need another crop so what will we need to pay to get them back on line.  (No more than it takes to give them hope)..... Then after harvest kill the market again we have more than we need for today.  (USDA-in short skirts --- farmer, farmer he's our man, he will produce if anyone can  Go Farmer..... 97 million acres you can do it.  kiss kiss  wink wink) with the Centerfold glossies provided by SF.

The idea of an open market (hedge able) demand /supply  gets preached and taught but is not practiced.... we produce more for the stimulus than for the demand..... and as well we demand things that have no demand and supply things that have a popular spin yet will have no demand when in practice(often because its worth is based on the new, which once you produce it, isn't new.)..... Like saddle oxfords  or petticoats.---- or fresh vegetables and tofu.   Life according to usda....(CRP is conservation (trees ok), no change that, CRP is habitat (kill trees), CRP is nostalgia .......)

We don't have a China problem.... China adapted to the world ----We did not.  We need more hunger or less credit.  

Less Credit is the absolute answer.    We have a government that is out of the control of law, and waving their credit card in our faces.  We have a religion problem ,,,,, we worship constantly in spite of the law and it invades our government.  We worship trees, environment,  white bears,  stray dogs,  pine beatles, minority, disabilities, the poor, retardation, mystics, health, shoes, ----- ......... just a thought.  

The end of a civilization is not pretty.


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Re: Things are going to rock

83% of the US population does not care about agriculture or even see it in action.

I actually read a millenial blog on the China virus that stated "we are so lucky to live in metro areas that have or will have the best health care.  The death losses will be far greater in rural areas where they have so few ICU units."  The statement was unchallenged.

That is a product of government controled public education.



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