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Re: Thinking about lifting hedges


Veteran Advisor

Re: Thinking about lifting hedges

Oh, I get the sarcasm, like Cyclonegrain's dig about my head injury. I choose to make it a positive, instead of the negative that it is.

I never said you personally lied. VR on the other hand, if he hasn't lied, he has certainly made some predictions and comments on here that certainly stretch the truth, his knowledge of what's happening on the farm, and his view of his self imposed genius status. (I'm still waiting for the limit down move in the beans).

And I keep telling you guys, I have no contracts, either long or short, so it's pretty hard to trade with my emotions, let alone over committing on a position, that I DON'T HAVE! Nor am I long a crop, as I sold my farm, which for me was a good move. I thought I would really miss it - I haven't, probably because the last years on the farm were so difficult for me.

I don't really think that you were joking about my ban. Go for it. I really don't care one way or the other. It saves me time if I'm not on here. I'm here because I have experience that I am willing to share, and enjoy my time here. I'm tired too. I'm tired of seeing how farmers are played in so many different ways by so many different media sources. I'm tired of farmers being told the sky is falling, because it gets them "to sell their crop" for less than they should. I'm tired of woulda, coulda, shoulda. Low prices for our crops will allow this huge crop to be sold at a huge discount - maybe. Farmers haven't been in a hurry to sell, and I doubt that the lowest prices in 5 years for crops is going to pry open bins, because farmers "love to give the crop away".

I've never said I'm somebody I'm not. If some of you don't like what I write, don't read it. But don't expect me to back down from a challenge, or just curl up in a corner and go away. I came on here because I was encouraging farmers to challenge what they read and what they are told. For me not to challenge something on here that I see as misrepresented or out and out wrong would be hypocritical on my part.

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Re: Thinking about lifting hedges

If anyone honestly thinks the market is moved one direction or another by the information that is shared on this discussion board, they are sadly mistaken.  I would hope very little marketing decisions are finalized by information gathered solely from this site.  It is merely a marketing tool just as a CB radio is a navagational tool used by many professional truck drivers.


I've certainly gained many friends from frequenting this site as well as discussed many farming procedures and techniques by information provided to me, but that too is only a tool.  If we all use this site as to the method I believe administration intended it to be used, we all can gain some useful information and an occausional laugh.

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Re: Thinking about lifting hedges

I am not a technical trader but for those that are,  some information you might find useful.... 

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