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This Week In Agribusiness

This  morning  was  viewing  the  T V  show  and  the  Sec.  Ag  was  talking  about hero's  of  farming , with  an  infomercial  on  the  food  chain of  various  segments of  the  process ( patting on  the  back ) stuff  for  the  low  paid  folks  -  -  -

Maybe  that  should  be  on  the  Major  networks ALSO,  with  preaching  to  the  choir   accomplish's  what -  ?  Where  are  those  ''  check  off  ''  $$$$  at  - ?  IF  NOT  NOW  -  WHEN  -  ?     

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BA Deere
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Re: This Week In Agribusiness

Back in the day we fed out a lot of lambs, took them to Wilsons in Albert Lea and the office where we picked up the check there was a dusty "Eat Lamb!" poster with the tape loose on one corner (no one ever fixed that poster probably burned down with the plant 25 yrs ago) .   There was a lamb promotion check off taken out of the check, the only promotion I ever saw was that poster, no commercial on the 1987 Super Bowl, no ads in the Mason City Globe Gazette or Des Moines Register, no nuthin`.  I think the money went to "administrative fees" and buying posters every 20 years.