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This is what 250 bushel corn looks like

Last year

Not so much this year

Planted first of May. Had maybe 1/3 stand. Replanted early June. Got maybe 1/2 stand now. Just now dried out enough to drive on it. Too late to redo now

Over 36 inches of rain in 60 days

Guessing the farm makes 50-70 this year.

Local bto pulled in this AM with a spinner bed and some treated beans. Yep. Slung em on. Guessing he couldn't return them so just decided to spin em on. Cut ruts doing it too. Probably claim a planting date of mid June and never pull a combine in. Collect insurance check and move on.

I've never seen a mess this bad in my life and most of those much older than me can't either. I hope I never see one like it again

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Re: This is what 250 bushel corn looks like


This is second creek bottom ground that 9 out of 10 years runs 200 plus

Nothing is designed to handle 36 inches of rain in 60 days. Nothing.

We have century old well maintained pastures and hay ground that now have gullies in them. Nothing went unscathed this spring. Nothing
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Re: Mizzou. govt pays for grazing

rotation and pasture planning 2.

( and they pay Every Year )


Perhaps THINK. 


in the meantime, perhaps turn the ac up on the machinery you might be waxing.


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Re: Mizzou. govt pays for grazing



Wright might be right Misery - They really love our 250 bpa Yellow corn - ! Kicked out 4 nice bucks yesterday - But did finish side dressing ! I have some good pic,s of corn but hit something on the camera and there to big to post up I did resize this one after 15 minutes and got it up - Have to get - today ?? I get to respray 1/2 the corn crop for weeds - before the 1 to 3 moves in tomorrow !


Be safe



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