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This may be the year

that Illinois or Nebraska finally out produces Iowa in corn and or beans.


Five years of this and is shaping up to be 4 out of the five that  the crop insurance # is the gross $ amount for paying the bills.


It is still early enough to raise a decent crop but with a 5+ day rainy period forcasted before any drying can even start it will not be early or hardly timely.

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Re: This may be the year

Today's Weather Outlook

6:45 AM EDT, May 2, 2012 By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Seth Carrier
In what seems like a daily occurrence of severe weather lately, another round of storms will build from the Northern Plains across the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic. Farther south, increasing heat and humidity will continue to trek into the Deep South and Mississippi Valley.




WeatherBug Meteorologist Kristin Clark has the latest in her exclusive WeatherBug National Outlook.




Overnight showers and storms are rolling through the Upper Midwest into the morning hours before progressing northward into Canada. However, a fresh batch of severe storms is expected to fire up during the afternoon and evening from Nebraska all the way east to Maryland and Virginia.




This activity will be driven by a warm front pushing moist air north toward the Great Lakes. Plenty of unstable air will be in place for explosive afternoon thunderstorm development from Omaha, Neb., to Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Richmond, Va. Any storms that do form will have the potential to contain large hail and damaging wind gusts. Even a couple isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out in the Upper Midwest and Western Great Lakes
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