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Senior Advisor

Those 96 million acres of corn...was thinking this morning.....

  Those 96 million acres of corn, I was thinking this morning as I finalized my corn/ soybean acres thinking, if they didn't want us to plant 96 million acres of corn, they shouldn't have destroyed the soybean market.  Three years ago, from our little port here on Lake Ontario, we shipped four shiploads of soybeans to Europe and the Mediterranean.  Not big ships but 40,000 metric ton ships, 160,000 MT total. That was a lot for here, a nice little business for us.  This past year, zero, nada, none, zip, Brazil's got that market now.  As for other crops, dry beans are risky here, & expensive to plant, sunflowers, no market, spring barley, saturated market.  As for hay farming, the dairy farmers got no money, aren't good payers anyhow.

  Well,  I guess we'll just play the cards we're dealt, gamble on the ethanol plant coming back online, and see how it comes out. 


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