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Those on the Southern Plains?

Would you mind giving periodic updates on moisture received? And maybe an initial review of what your wheat looks like at your particular locations?


Beats trying to outguess the predictions and trader versions.

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Re: Those on the Southern Plains?


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Re: Those on the Southern Plains?


Now I know why NASCAR got rained out on Sunday

Anybody got some info on wheat growing areas, Texas and further north

I have no idea how much of this map is wheat growing country

I do know that not all of Texas grows wheat, but that is about all I know

I imagine the wheat traders know even less

I did visit the king ranch once, and most of Texas, but in winter time

Sorry for my poor geography etc info, but I live a few 1000 miles north

Wasn't really sure what I was looking at, most of the time

Sure hope you folks got some decent crop insurance to make it work

I guess what I need is the entire southern WW  area and yield potential, north to???

Not sure if I should believe the crop numbers of poor, good etc. or what is reported on this site

This site might be better,  but expect USDA numbers to be traded, for now

I think there are a number of things that might make wheat a bullish traders story, eventually

As of now, all the traders can see is the world stks number

What will the world stks number be 12 months from now??

Add in Pals info about what % of that number is available for somebody to buy

Bet you most of the wheat traders don't have a clue about that part

I am sure somebody has a better handle on this than I do

Even bits and pieces all help, good or bad makes all of us better informed

Gosh, don't we all need as much help as we can get, about all kinds of stuff in the market place

This is hard work, but makes a big difference to a person's bottom line


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Re: Those on the Southern Plains?

The link below gives a brief description of Kansas wheat as of April 7th. Notice the soil moisture availability on the 2nd page.  We need rain and we need it soon!

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Re: Those on the Southern Plains?

Got a big sprinkle here, with the latest front that went through.   Just enough I got wet doing chores, and 'almost' settled the dust.

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Re: Those on the Southern Plains?

Central looks like it could be a bad deal w/o a saving rain.

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