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Re: Thoughts from Englewoods fire chief on Thanksgiving from SW

SW, I don't know if i'm disagreeing with you or not.  I've personally known and worked with a number of people with transplants,

from livers, kidney's, heart, double lung.

most were middle aged when they got their transplants, most, have had good outcomes.  I know one of the longest living

lung transplants, almost 30 years now.

i'm not saying its first, a limited number of medications, that were a bit on the harsh side, and, not

nearly as much so.  you usually will have a rejection every so often, which can get quite interesting, but usually some steroids

and others will get thnings back in shape.

most were functional after the transplant

only 1 that I personally know was difficult and was not successful......and the sad thing is, she was a nurse.

but today, overall.......transplants are viable alternatives.

With the heart, we now have link devices, and some are using link divices (I should say bridge devices) for long peroids,

such as years.

I've seen people with livers where they would bloated, and skin organge, similar to that of a pumpkin.....a few days after

the transplant.....fluid down, and color nice and pink........when a kidney is placed in the body, and hooked up, it

just pinks up within a minute, and "starts to work".......

with the heart......the man could not walk across the, about  fast walking.


but, transplants are somewhat of a funny thing......some people just go with 1 hospital.....but you can dual list.

different states are in different zones......and some zones are faster than others.......if you in will be

about dead when your number rises to the tope.......but if you would list at KU med or St. Luke, you wait is usually

less than a year, and far more common before then.


if you are told you need a transplant.......get it out of your system, then go's not going to be easy, but today

more and more tansplants, and the life fallowing is far better than years ago.


but the moral of the story, try not to get into a situation where you need one.


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Re: Thoughts from Englewoods fire chief on Thanksgiving from SW

Wife is a regular w a dr at st Luke’s in kc. Neurology.
We enjoy each trip. Every 6 months.
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Re: Thoughts from Englewoods fire chief on Thanksgiving from SW

Total respect for the person that declines healthcare after doing the research. Seen times when patient is treated with chemo even though chances are terrible...the side effects of the chemo ruin what life they have left. There are always exceptions, so that is what makes the decision so hard.  Don't have access to the article, but a huge part of healthcare cost come in the  last few months of life. Sometimes that makes sense as a positive outcome is possible. But often, 100,000's  is spent on an elderly patient because the family or patient believe 'you have to do everything possible.' Not always doctors pushing for high end medical care, often families are.  Like you said SW, make those decisions long before you need to and family knows what you want.  Personally, not worried if I miss out on a few extra months of life on this earth, just passing through anyway.


A little back to marketing.  Great to have this warm weather. But here is the first drought of '18 post;  we are dry, tile not running, creeks, rivers very low. Not to worry, it always gets wet at planting time. Crude going up, does it have any coat tails for corn?

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Re: Thoughts from Englewoods fire chief on Thanksgiving from SW

The CRP...hmmmm.  The Pheasant Forever and Sierra Club types have a coalition with old goat retiring farmers that use the CRP bid as a baseline to start the land rent bidding.  It`s a crooked program in that you need inside information to know how much to bid and the bids are drunken sailor high to start with, then after a short period, they pull the bidding and shut it off.  I mean offering $350 payment on flat 200+bushel corn ground is stupid. Around here if you pastured and hayed the hills, like a responsible farmer, you are punished, they don`t take bids on hay and pasture ground.  


Then the nature huggers don`t want mowing during "pheasant nesting" so it grows up to a tangled tinderbox.  They want it seeded to all this fancy crap that`s $40/lb for pure live seed. 

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Re: Thoughts from Englewoods fire chief on Thanksgiving from SW

On the Greenburg, Ks thing, Been through there quite a few times before the big blow.


Was a really nice little city, nice trees very well .maintained 80+ year old homes. Been to the bottom of the world's largest hand dug well on the old rusty stairs couple of times when it had the little white hut over it.


Now the town is a surreal looking thing out of some siyfi type movie. The big well now has  mollusk shell looking visitors center over it. The new school and main street just doesn't fit a 1880's Kansas prarie town. The streets are all still there but just an occasional home here and there.


Edit for proper century

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